Elisa Mateo

Since I was a child I have been a very independent and curious person: I have never stopped learning. In my childhood, since I was able to speak, I spoke about travelling and going all over the world, something that surprised my family, specially my grandmother. Moreover, I was always surrounded by books and I was very creative, so I liked writing my own stories and even illustrating them.
Sometime later, I started travelling (not only with my imagination) and learning other languages and I saw how my possibilities of communicating and expressing myself grew considerably, breaking barriers of all kinds. Learning a new language is not only studying a set of grammatical or phonetic rules, but also discovering a new way of looking at the world. Each language holds a unique way of interpreting the world that surrounds us and has many nuances. Learning a new language is a highly gratifying and enriching adventure than opens your mind and makes you more receptive and tolerant to other ways of interpreting life. And the same happens when we travel and, when we travel and we know the language of the country we visit, that experience of open-mindedness and growth intensifies.
I love being able to communicate in my own language things that would be incomprehensible for other people in another language. Moreover, I also enjoy following my natural pace of work and keeping on learning. When translating, I tend to understand naturally the nuances of one language and transfer them to my mother tongue carefully and without losing anything in the process.